Electric Vibration Car Massager

Color Name
Red Black

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  • Material: cotton
  • Size: 350*300*100mm


  • Premium cotton fabric and foam materials with high tear resistance, abrasion resistance, and stretchy capacity. Environmental-friendly and reliable to use.
  • Ergonomic design with lots of circular massage columns, built-in vibration trigger generates massage function, providing comfortable support for lumbar and promoting human blood circulation as well as invigorating back muscles.
  • Unique physiotherapy design hugs your back with the memory foam cushion to help improve your posture and reduce stress and pain to the back.
  • The length of the automobile cigarette lighter is 1.4 meters, compatible with almost all cars with car cigarette lighter 12V DC power.
  • The cushion is equipped with elastic strap so it can effortlessly attach to the car seat.
  • Built-in far-infrared heating element to warm physical body. The vibration velocity of the can be adjusted to high and low modes with a drive-by-wire switch.

Package included:    

  • 1 x Car Massager Waist Pillow

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